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4762 friendly, helpful digital underwater photographers and one grouch!

Digital Diver Network offers digital underwater photography resources, news, training, discussion, contest and more.

We're glad that you decided to join us on the web's most popular forum dedicated to the topic of underwater photography with digital cameras! Whether it's cameras, underwater housings, strobes, storage devices, software, techniques or destinations, if it concerns digital underwater photography, you'll find it here.

New digital cameras, waterproof housings, underwater strobes, and digital storage options are exploding onto the u/w photographic marketplace at a dizzying pace. Whether evolution or revolution, the frenzy creates an exciting new world for scuba divers and photographers that changes daily.

Veteran underwater photographers, as well as beginners, are flocking to digital photography to take advantage of the instant feedback, convenience and economy of operation. No more film to drag along on your scuba adventures. No more waiting for weeks to see the results. With digital underwater photography, your images are right here, right now and ready to be processed in your 'digital darkroom'. The ability to control your image from composition to print has put the fun back into photography. Digital Diver Network can teach you how to get the picture you want, how to process it to perfection, how to archive it, and how to share it with the world!

DDNet features:

  • New! Our 'Digital Strobe Finder database has specifications and information about almost every underwater strobe currently offered by manufacturers from around the world.
  • Instructional articles, technical discussions, and equipment reviews are available in the library.
  • A digital photo competition open to and judged by our members is a great place to show off your skills, and win great prizes to boot!
  • Our digital image processing software guide is a comprehensive listing of image editing, manipulation, web design and other useful software.
  • And our lively discussion forum where you're welcome to ask questions, post or critique photos, and share ideas on every aspect of digital underwater photography.
  • Classified Ads are a great place to buy or sell surplus dive or photographic gear (or even an occasional car!)

Looking for help with dive travel? Digital Diver Network features a number of tools and resources to make you dive travel planning easier:

  • Members can post upcoming trips in our trip finder, whether they are 'friends and family' trips or organized commercial trips.
  • Member submitted trip reports give you the lowdown about great (or not so great) diving/photography destinations around the world
  • The scuba translator can teach you the lingo before you go.
  • Our travel checklist can help you get to your dive destination with everything you will need.
  • Our live weather page can be customized to show current weather for where you live or for your favorite dive destination
  • A historical climate infomation page for your favorite destinations helps you know when to go and when to stay home (or go elsewhere).
  • Our foreign currency calculator is a gem when you're travelling abroad.
Don't miss one of our most popular features, the Digital Diver Daily, a new digital underwater image every day from forum members.

The most popular digital underwater photography community on the net is the Digital Diver Forum, with good cause! It's the perfect place to relax, make friends, catch up on news and exchange ideas, photos and conversation with some of the pioneers of digital underwater photography. We freely share what we know and have a great time in the process, so Please join us!

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    by David Haas
Basics of the Photoshop Levels Tool
    by Sabine Noack
How to get rid of that ugly cyan cast
    by Sabine Noack
3 different ways to darken the background
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  Color Mechanic by Digital Light & Color (Commercial Plugin)
  Picture Window Pro by Digital Light & Color (Commercial Photo Editing)
  Digital Film by Opanda (Commercial Utility)
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Encrusting sponges are similar to moss because they tend to cover the surfaces of rocks. Free-standing sponges have lots of inner volume compared with their surface area. Sometimes, they grow into strange shapes and gigantic sizes.

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